Shorah Explorers,
it's with great pleasure that I can announce to you,
that we will have every first Friday of each month our Monthly-TOC-Meeting (MTM)

The idea behind this meeting is to :

-focus on our community needs, suggestions, ideas

-have a once in the month update about what happens in TOC

-plan events (such as surface festivities, URU related festivities, other events in the shard)

-try to revive TOC shard with fresh new ideas

-share opinions, compliments and critics, improvements needed

Suggestions for MTM are welcome in our <#1234914884668620901>

The first meeting will be at 3rd May
at 12Ki-Time in the CityOfDimension in the Kahlopub

If you need a spot for the MTM write it into our <#1234914884668620901>
2024-04-28 22:02:59 UTC